The Guild Charter - PLEASE READ

Join up!!! Please read our guild charter first, so you know what we are all about.
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The Guild Charter - PLEASE READ

Post by Tegnaro » Thu Nov 01, 2007 5:27 pm

The purpose of this post is to set some basic guidelines and goals for our guild, in other words, it tries to capture "the spirit of the guild".

We are first and foremost a friendly spirited, social and mature guild.

This means most members are adults; Some of us have family, some of us work or study. We all appreciate the social aspects of the game. We also value our Real Life and sometimes want to spend it outside the game. We will not penalize anyone for doing so. We treat our members with respect and try to help everyone, regardless of level/class or previous WoW experience.

We like raids and M+, and have a few collectors/achievers to-boot.

Having fun and getting to know each other while playing is important. Loot (epics etc.) is just a nice reward of a job well done and definitely not the reason we play. We're not your guild if you're just interested in getting all the stuff in your master loot table and we'll do our best to preserve the guild as a "community" and not as a loot farm.

This doesn't mean we're only here to sit around and chat. We like playing and we want to see the guild progressing through the game. You're allowed to have as many characters as you want in the guild (Alts) as long as your main character (on this server, Alliance side) is in the guild. We'd appreciate if you used your main character to participate in guild runs (you can switch mains if you want, just let one of the officers know in advance). We're not a guild for alts only although consideration will be given if your alt is active enough to participate regularly.

The guild web forum is used for important information, so reading it is a must for all guild members. Please register in the forum as soon as possible and visit regularly. All sign-ups for Official Guild runs are posted in our signup forum.

We're 10/10 NH HC. Our normal raid schedule is 3/4 nights a week, our raid days and times are 21:00 GT start on a Tuesday (occasional Wednesdays), Friday and Saturday. The weekday raids end at 23:00 while the Friday and Saturday raids continue to midnight.

We run two types of raid nights - one is "open-for-all" raid. That means there are no prerequisites for your gear or previous raid experience. Everyone is welcome to join in and the goal is to have a laugh in good company while raiding some pixels.

The second type is "progression" raid. These nights are meant for people who want that "little extra" challenge for their raids - we usually work on new bosses/instance during these nights. There are certain pre-reqs for the progression group and the team selection is often based on creating the most "viable" and capable group based on the signs and targets.

Our progress through the game shall not be accomplished by mass recruiting people. We will get through the end game eventually, but we will do it at our own pace.

We have never felt the need to have a dkp or similar loot distribution system and have no plans to implement one. Looting is done with personal loot at present.

Some general rules:
- We never ever ninja loot (ask if you're unsure what this means, also ask about looting rules if unsure).
- We're never abusive (excessive use of /spit or other similar emotes)
- No spamming others (in any channel or through /w)
- Some common sense and sense of humour will get you far
- Officers are the law
- No ganking the grey (expect in BG! Ask what this means if you're unsure).
- We never ever corpse camp others (again, ask if unsure)
- At all times try to enhance and promote the good name of the Trotters
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