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Application - Danni

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:27 pm
by Danni
In-game name: Danni
Class/level: Priest/110
Professions: Enchanting and Tailoring
Most likely found online (approx. times we might find you online, makes it easier for us to contact you): Completely random
How did you hear about the Trotters?: I have seen the guild around Quel'Thalas for several years. I also know Bluesapphire.

Build you're currently using: I'm a Disco priest.
Your Age: 30
Location: Gateshead, England
Tell us about yourself, and why you want to join Trotters:
My RL name is also Danni, and I've been playing WoW since the end of BC, and my main has always been my Night Elf Priest. I live with my husband and a massive collection of (toy) penguins. At the moment I'm mostly bedbound with a severe chronic illness, and WoW is my main escape. Unfortunately I can't play as much as I'd like, nor can I predict when I'll be online, which may make contacting me difficult. It might be easier to arrange a time (through here, in game mail or ask me for other contact methods) so I can make sure I'm awake and online when you are.

I'm currently in Trivial, which basically died a few months ago. At the moment it's evening on a Sunday and I'm the only one online in the guild. Before that I was in Contains Mild Peril, which is how I know Bluesapphire. I want to join Trotters Traders as when I've interacted with members through the years you've always been friendly, and I'm looking for a social guild so I can chat while playing, and maybe even group up for dungeons or world quests if others are doing them :) I'm not looking to raid right now- I'm not reliable enough nor is my concentration good enough. If I improve in the future that might change.

I also like fishing. Does the guild need any fish? :P

Re: Application - Danni

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:48 pm
by Nrubdoow
Thanks for your interest in TTL - Bob our HR panda will be in-touch in-game at some point in the near (for certain values of near) future.

Re: Application - Danni

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 1:04 pm
by Nrubdoow
Welcome to TTL.