Looking to Join- Old Azjol Player

Join up!!! Please read our guild charter first, so you know what we are all about.
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Looking to Join- Old Azjol Player

Post by Sansis » Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:43 pm

Heya all,

I am an original Azjol player and have been playing wow since release. I am currently looking for a guild with strong roots to our lovely server and a place to call home :-)

I'll provide my details below:

In-game name: Sansis
Class/level: Demon Hunter lv100
Professions: Alchemy/Herb
Most likely found online (approx. times we might find you online, makes it easier for us to contact you): Usually on after 5pm UK team pretty much every day.
How did you hear about the Trotters?: I have seen your name on our server for many years 8)

Build you're currently using: Havoc
Your Age: 32
Location: UK
Tell us about yourself, and why you want to join Trotters: I am currently looking for a guild to go through Legion with and enjoy everything it has to offer (raiding, dungeons, mythics etc).
I first started on Vanilla Azjol Nerub in 2004 on my human rogue (Tyrany). I started a guild with a player called Phire (some of you old schoolers may remember him). Once I got to max level i decided to get into pvp and joined the guild Gaga. I got to rank 10 in the old pvp honor system but we decided to move to horde due to better queue times. We then formed Gogo and I got to rank 10 on my Shaman (Tyrane) also. Once we hung up our pvp hats, I decided to get into raiding and joined Hyperion. We had pretty much everything on farm and started working on the original Naxx. Those are my best memories of wow and I have played on and off since, casually raiding with Hyperion until they server moved a couple of years back. I have now rejoined the alliance and hope you will consider my application.

I look forward to hearing from you :D


Matt (Sansis)

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Re: Looking to Join- Old Azjol Player

Post by Alaisha » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:08 am

Good luck with the application.

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